Fingerpicking Nylon – A-List Guitarist

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Fingerpicking Nylon – A-List Guitarist

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Fingerpicking Nylon – A-List Guitarist


Guitar Instrument

با Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist صدای رسا و ارتعاش دار گیتار نایلون زهی را تجربه کنید. همرا با 60 سبک خاص و بیش از 670 عبارت انتخابی، Fingerpicking Nylon به آسانی تولید صدای حرفه ای اجرای گیتار آکوستیک را انجام میدهد.

  • گیتار آکوستیک نایلون زهی زنده
  • آکوردهای تک انگشتی آسان
  • کنترل کامل بروی سبک ها و صداهای گیتار



  • Product details

    Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist is the 4th member of the best-selling family of virtual session guitarists by Propellerhead. Add new flavor to your music by selecting one of 60 musical styles and playing notes on your MIDI keyboard. Fingerpicking Nylon will automatically play professional sounding chords, arpeggios and figures that only the most skilled session guitarists can produce.

    Looking for a different vibe? Quickly adjust style, tempo, rhythm patterns, and more while you’re recording. You can even double-track and adjust the mix right in the Rack Extension so you never break your creative flow.

    Product Highlights

    • Ideal for an array of musical styles
    • 60 unique styles and 670+ phrases for creative flexibility and freedom
    • Built-in, easy-to-use guitar mixer channel
    • Realistic guitar voicings, dynamics and inversions
    • Premium, vintage nylon stringed acoustic guitar sounds

    New in 1.0.1

    • bug fixes

Released: 2017-06-07 |  Version: 1.0.1 |  Product website|  Product support

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