Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist

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Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist

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Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist

Guitar Instrument

با A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords گیتار الکتریک زنده و قوی به موسیقی هایتان اضافه کنید. با کیبورد MIDI آکورد تک انگشتی بگیرید و کنترل کامل برروی صدای گیتار و سبک اجرا داشته باشید.

  • صدای زنده و قوی گیتار الکتریک برای موسیقی شما
  • اجرای آکورد تک انگشتی آسان
  • کنترل کامل برروی سبک ها و صداهای گیتار

  • Product details

    With the flexibility and control of a real instrument and the ease of use of audio loops, Electric Guitarist is like adding a tricked-out studio, a top-notch instrument and a world-class player to help you with your music. Choose from a wide range of tones and playing styles. Just play your keyboard and Electric Guitarist delivers.

    From the lower octaves you can select alternate playing styles to add life and variation to your guitar tracks. Explore chord voicings live from your keyboard to get the perfect sound and style for your music. Electric Guitarist comes with more than 1000 rhythms, covering more than 90 styles that can be combined and played in real time to create unique, realistic and inspiring performances in a matter of seconds.

    Electric Guitarist also offers great control of the sound. Select instrument type, select amp type and dial in effects to sculpt just the sound to match your ideas.


    • Quickly add inspiring and professional sounding electric guitar to your music.
    • Easy to play: play single MIDI notes to trigger chords and progressions, add more notes to explore alternate voicings and playing styles.
    • Designed for a vast array of musical styles—includes over 1000 rhythms spread over 90 styles.
    • Wide range of sound sculpting options that lets you select mic positions, amp types and effects.
    • Covers power chords across all scales and also sus4, 9ths, -5, +5, 6 and 7th chords.

    New in Power Chord A-List Electric Guitarist

    • Interactive keyboard display makes navigating the A-List Guitarist sounds a breeze.
    • Thrust adds sweeping harmonics, controlled by aftertouch on Power Chords A-list Electric Guitarist
    • Raw output: great if you want to use your own amp.
    • More content: 54 new styles and 67 new patches

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Released: 2016-08-29 | Version: 2.0.0 |  Product support |  Product website

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